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Seasons FCU’s credit card processing system migrated to a new platform September 17-20, 2021. We expect cardholders to have uninterrupted use of your Seasons FCU Visa credit cards for purchases and transactions during this time.

A brand-new credit card website, eZCard, will provide Seasons FCU membership with an enhanced, user-friendly experience to view credit card details including recent activity, card balance, available credit, and next payment due date. Within the new eZCard website, members will find quick and easy options to make payments, set card alerts, disputes transactions, and more. This new website will be accessible through Online Banking and Mobile Banking App.

Beginning September 20th, cardholders can view account info, enroll in electronic statements, and make payments through the new site eZCard.

Here is a list of things that will stay the same and things that will change.


What is staying the same:

  • Your credit card account number will not change.
  • You can continue to make your payments within Online Banking or Mobile Banking App. You may not see these payments reflected until 9/20.
  • If you have a monthly automatic payment established for your credit card, it will transfer to the new system. However, Cardholders will not see those reflected in the new eZCard site. It is important to note, if you establish a new auto-payment within eZCard, it will create a duplicate auto-payment situation.
  • The new Rewards program will have similar redemption options and point values.


What is changing:

  • Beginning September 20th, you will be able to view your credit card account through our Online Banking and Mobile Banking App by selecting “Cards” then “Manage” your credit card.
  • If you would like to continue to receive e-statements for credit cards, you will need to sign up for them again after registering on eZCard.
  • Your current account alerts will not move to the new system. Upon registering for eZCard you will need to re-establish any alerts.
  • If you are enrolled in our Credit Card Rewards program, the name of the program will change to Scorecard Rewards on September 17th. Point accruals, redemption values and options will remain much the same. After September 20th, the redemption website can be found at www.scorecardrewards.com.


For more information about this migration, please refer to our FAQs below.

We hope that you will find eZCard to be a convenient and easy way to manage your card account. Should you have any questions about our credit card processing system migration, please contact our Member Service Team by calling (860) 346-6614 or visiting any Seasons FCU branch.



Frequently Asked Questions About the Upcoming Changes:

Q. Can I still use my same credit card?
A. Yes. Your current card will continue to work, and your account/card number will not change.


Q. Will my card work during the change-over weekend?
A. Your card should continue to work throughout the transition. These types of changes can, however, result in unanticipated outages. If you are traveling or shopping over the conversion weekend, be sure to carry more than one payment method just in case.


Q. Will I be required to register for the eZCard site?
A. Yes. Each cardholder will need to register to access this website going forward.


Q. If I am setup for Autopay will I have to re-enroll in autopay on eZCard?
A. Existing Account Auto-pay instructions will migrate from GoToMyCard at conversion. However, you will not see it reflected in the new site. Only set up an Auto-pay if you have not already have one on your account.


Q. If I have enrolled in Alerts will my alert settings migrate?
A. No, alert settings will not be migrated. Upon registering for eZCard you will need to re-establish the alerts.


Q. What about my Rewards Points for Visa Rewards Cardholders
A. Our points program will change to ScoreCard Rewards as of September 20. Your current point balances will be carried into the new system but may take up to 30 days to reflect on your rewards account. To view your points balance and redeem points for rewards, you may register at www.scorecardrewards.com, or conveniently launch the ScoreCard Rewards site by registering and logging into your account at eZCardInfo.com.

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