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Who said financial education has to be all serious and boring?
We want to reach as many members as possible when it comes to education and resources to help them in their financial journey. That is why we have started our own video series to help educate about a variety of topics. When we’ve got something new to share - we’ll place the video here. 


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Buckle your seatbelt and ride along while we help you decide on your next vehicle.

Before you head to the dealership, there are some things that you can do beforehand, like determining your price range, getting pre-approved, and reading lots and lots of reviews. Buying new can seem appealing, as you will be the car’s first owner and also be covered by a warranty. Buying used is also a good choice, and will typically mean a lower price. A third option is to lease, which is similar to renting a vehicle that you may not otherwise be able to afford. 

Watch this video to learn the pros and cons of each option when looking for a car.


More Videos:

Everything you need to know about Regulation D

If you’ve ever wondered why you get fee’d for making more than 6 transfers from your savings account per month, you are not alone. The transfer limit exists due to a regulation set by the Federal Reserve, and applies to all financial institutions, not just credit unions. This limitation is intended to prevent you from using your savings account as a transaction account. Watch this video to learn more about the restrictions of Regulation D.


Additional videos are coming soon!
We hope they provide you with valuable information to help you make smart financial decisions. Happy viewing.

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