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What on earth is this ITM we keep hearing about?

Let’s start with picking apart this acronym. ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine. An ITM is innovative technology that offers the convenience of self-service transactions with the personal touch of a teller or in our case we call them Virtual Specialists. Members can receive the same devoted, consistent service, with the efficiency of a machine. The ITM is connected to a live Virtual Specialist through a two-way video conversation almost like FaceTime or Skype. Welcome to the future of banking!

Hi, I am an ITM illustration.

Manage Your Money with the Help of an ITM

Whether you’re in the branch or in the drive-thru, use an ITM to conduct your everyday teller transactions.

  • Deposits: Bring your cash. Bring your checks. Just don’t bring change–use our coin counter for that.
  • Withdrawals: Need cash? Let us know how much. Just be prepared to catch it!
  • Transfers & Payments: Transfer money between accounts. Make a payment on a loan. We’ll make it happen.
  • And more: With the exception of rolled coin, travelers checks, and business account transactions, our Virtual Specialist can do just about anything a teller can do, but only better. Just kidding. Only about the better part.


What if I have questions with my account or need to speak to a representative in person about my account?

Hi, I'm a USR illustration.Even with the ITMs, there will always be team members in the branches to help you.

Our team members are called Universal Service Representatives and they are on hand to help with

  • The Interactive Teller Machines (ITM)
  • Open accounts
  • Take loan applications
  • Answer questions you may have
  • And much more!




Important Info to Help with your Transaction

  • You do not need a debit/credit card to use the ITM.
  • Yes, large withdrawals and large deposits can be made at the ITM.
  • You will speak with an actual Virtual Specialist, who can see, hear & help you.
  • Our Virtual Specialists are Seasons Employees, located in Middletown.
  • Call the next available Virtual Specialist by simply touching the screen.
  • We currently carry the following denominations: $1s, $5s, $20s, $100s

Worried about privacy?

  • Pick up the handset/phone.
  • Ask to enter your account number via the number pad.
  • Ask us to blank out the screen.
  • Use the chat feature to type to communicate with us.

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Have more questions? See our FAQ.

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