Dragon's Vault Branch

Our history

More than a decade ago, Anita Vallee, a business teacher at Middletown High School had the idea of incorporating a branch at the school. Vallee thought about it for a long time and believed it would be a perfect complement to the high school's Business Education curriculum. At this time, however, the high school was being operated at the old building on Hunting Hill Avenue, where no space for a branch was available.

Mrs. Valle did not let her hopes down, and when the new high school building was being built, Vallee met with former Principal Robert Fountaine about possible space for a branch. Fountaine supported the idea and suggested some space at the cafeteria where the Dragon's Vault currently stands. Vallee then met with Sharon Maloney at Seasons Federal Credit Union, who initiated the process with Seasons to gain the project's approval.

Seasons donated all of the design work, labor, and materials to Middletown High. The Business Education Department at Middletown High then held a contest to name the branch and design the logo. All students/employees are selected from the Business Education Department based on their exceptional academic credentials and interpersonal skills. They have the opportunity to gain valuable business experience through their employment at Seasons. The construction of the Dragon's Vault has been a benefit to Middletown High School, the community, and Seasons.