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Please complete this form if you wish to skip your Seasons Federal Credit Union Loan payment (Real Estate Loans, Ecoline, Quick Cash, Credit Cards, Over Draft Line Of Credit Or Fresh Start Loans are not eligible). This is a secure online form; your information will not be shared. Your request must be submitted three (3) business days prior to payment due date or it may be denied.

Request Agreement

By completing this form, I understand that Seasons Federal Credit Union will review my accounts and that there is a $35 processing fee per Loan that I choose to skip. I understand the $35 fee must be available in my Seasons Federal Credit Union Savings or Checking account (fee will be taken from available funds, Checking will be the first source), and that I cannot be delinquent (past due) or have been delinquent in the past 12 months on any loans with Seasons FCU for this request to be approved and processed.

I am instructing Seasons Federal Credit Union to skip the following loan payment:

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By participating in Seasons Federal Credit Union's Skip-A-Payment program, you request that Seasons Federal Credit Union defer your loan payments as indicated. You agree and understand that: 1) FINANCE CHARGES will continue to accrue during and after the deferral period; 2) deferring payment will result in higher total FINANCE CHARGES than if payment were made as originally scheduled; 3) payment deferral will require extra payments past the original maturity date; 4) elected GAP or Warranty Coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date; 5) payments will resume the following month; 6) there is a $35 fee and I understand the $35 fee must be available in my Seasons FCU Savings or Checking account; 7) You must not have had any loan payment more than 30 days late at SFCU within the past 12 months; 8)Member must have completed a minimum of six (6) monthly payments on subject loan; 9) Skip-A-Pay request must be made before the payment due date of the month you are skipping. There is a limit of (2) skips per 12-month period. If recent data shows that you have been delinquent on the mentioned loan(s) for any reason, Seasons Federal Credit Union reserves the right to deny your application for Skip-A-Payment. If your request is denied, we will contact you. Loan(s) must be in good standing to accept this offer. Real Estate Loans, Ecoline, Quick Cash, Credit Cards, Over Draft Line Of Credit Or Fresh Start Loans are not eligible.

*Electronic Signature Disclosure:
As allowed by the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (eSign law), Seasons Federal Credit Union uses electronic signatures on business sales agreements. Please read carefully.

By clicking the checkbox you are agreeing to use an electronic signature, which means:

  • You agree to use an electronic document and an electronic signature. You understand that electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and other countries.
  • You agree to read the document and fill it out accurately and completely.
  • Your web browser must be configured to accept cookies.

Seasons FCU reserves the right to use the above information to obtain verifications of identity and background before opening any accounts. We may also access information about you from a consumer reporting agency, such as a copy of your credit report, before opening any account. By submitting this form, you grant full permission to do so.

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