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See what all Seasons FCU is working on to create a better banking experience for you!

New Website Coming Soon!

Get ready for a new and improved!

We're excited to announce the January 2017 launch of our new and improved website featuring easier navigation and enhanced compatibility for users on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

While our old site served us well, we believe you will find the site to be even better! The site features the same secure online banking you are accustomed to, while adding website features such as:

  • New layout and simple navigation will make it easier than ever to find the information you need
  • Access to loan applications from the homepage
  • Website designed to scale on multiple devices with responsive design
  • Current news and upcoming events
  • Online appointment scheduler (coming soon)

Our goal is to deliver a website that will be easier to view and is more streamlined with less clicks to get you what you need most.

Season of Change

New Teller Service Experience & Branch Designs!

Seasons Federal Credit Union introduced a new teller service experience to improve the speed, privacy and convenience of members' teller transactions. This new Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) technology is being featured at all branches by removing the current teller lines. In branch transactions will now be done through the ITM or with a Universal Services Representative.

So, what is this ITM technology?

Picture an ATM that comes to life! ITMs allow you to interact with our Seasons' Virtual Specialists through two-way video chat directly on the screen. You will get the same wonderful, caring service from our Virtual Specialists in a faster, secure and easy to use format.

How do ITMs work?

When you approach an ITM, you will be presented with two options. You can utilize the machine as a standard ATM or during business hours; you may simply touch the screen to get started. One of our Virtual Specialists will appear onscreen through videoconferencing, much like Skype or FaceTime. After that, our Virtual Specialist will assist you with your transactions. It's that easy! The ITM is equipped to take checks, cash, scan IDs and more.

What is done at the ITM versus with a USR?

Most teller transactions done now over the traditional teller counter can be done at an ITM. This includes cash deposits, withdrawals, share-to-share transfers, making loan payments and check deposits. Universal Services Representatives are ready to help with transactions that aren't done on the ITM; cash advances on credit cards, opening an account, applying for a loan, and online and mobile banking issues.

Where to find your favorites from the branches?

The familiar faces you've come to know over the years are still employed at Seasons. Some will be seen on the screen of the ITM and others will be in the branches. The team of Virtual Specialists are the employees that work with you through the ITM. They work from a centralized location, but they can be seen and heard onscreen just as if they were in-person. Each branch has a team of Universal Services Representatives on the floor, ready to assist you when needed.

What about the drive-ups at 635D and Meriden Branch?

There is a new ITM at both locations (where the ATMs were previously located) to do transactions. During branch business hours, members may pull up to the ITM, select "Touch screen to begin speaking with a teller now" and start an interactive session with a member of the Seasons team, who will help with the transaction.

Members may also opt to use the machine as a traditional ATM, using their Seasons debit card to access their account and to begin the transaction. The machine will function as a traditional ATM after branch hours.

Types of Transactions That Can Be Done at the Drive-Thru ITM:

  • Cash Deposits
  • Check Deposits
  • Account Inquiries
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Loan Payment
  • Transfer of Funds

Important Info to Help with your Transaction

  • You do not need a debit/credit card to use the ITM.
  • Yes, large withdrawals and large deposits can be made at the ITM.
  • You will speak with an actual teller, who can see, hear & help you.
  • Our Virtual Tellers are Seasons Employees, located in Middletown.
  • Call the next available Virtual Teller by simply touching the screen.
  • We currently carry the following denominations: $1s, $5s, $20s, $100s

Need a bank/cashier's check?

  • You will need to see a lobby employee. We will be adding this service to the ITM as soon as possible.

Worried about privacy?

  • Pick up the handset/phone.
  • Ask to enter your account number via the number pad.
  • Ask us to blank out the screen.
  • Use the chat feature to type to communicate with us.

Worried about germs?

  • Use the sanitizing wipes located at the machine to wipe down the surface.

Our receipts are different. If you want the old-style receipt, one can be e-mailed to you. Share your current e-mail address with the Virtual Teller.

Please be sure to endorse your checks prior to putting them in to the ITM.

FAQs About our Season of Change:

Do all branch locations have ITMs?

  • Yes. ITMs have been deployed at both the Middletown and Meriden branches. The traditional teller lines have been removed. The ATM at the Meriden branch has been replaced with an ITM that will function as an ATM after hours.
  • One lane of the drive-through window at 635d South Main Street location will remain open indefinitely. The ATM at that location has been replaced with an ITM that will function as an ATM after hours.

Why did this change happen?

  • In branch transactions are declining by over 9% year-over-year.
  • 85% of our members never do transactions at our branches. We offer multiple ways to do the type of transactions done at the ITM without ever coming in the branch.
  • The anticipated efficiency gained by the ITMs will allow more resources to be put into the branch where members still have their non-transactional financial needs meet.

Why do I need to sign-in to be helped by lobby staff?

  • We want to be sure to we are serving members in the order in which they arrive and with the best subject matter expert. In addition to the employees sitting in the lobby, there are additional employees in offices that can assist. Signing in allows the team to know who needs help.

More Season of Changes

A Fresh New Look Coming Soon – Online!

A fresh new look is coming to our website in early next year! The new design will feature a clean layout, be easy to navigate and bring with it the mobile accessibility so many members have desired! We'll have more information on a target date to launch the new website soon.

Online Scheduler (Make an Appointment - Don't wait in line!)

When questions arise about your account, or you need to apply for a loan, there is no need to wait in lines! Coming with this Season of Change, is a convenient appointment scheduler tool that allows members to select a date and time that works best for their schedule. The appointment-scheduling tool will be found online at and is expected to be fully operational soon. We'll have more details on this soon.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you. We appreciate you as a member and we hope you will change with us in the upcoming months while we're in our Season of Change.