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A better way to bank means improved services, a host of money movement options and everything you need to manage your money seamlessly across every device. We’ve gathered up the answers to a few questions we think you might have about our Online Banking and Mobile Banking App.

I see transactions in the “Recent” list and/or under History that are not mine.

Online Banking is going to show you all transactions on ALL accounts where you are an owner under the “Recent” list in the Dashboard.  This means all accounts where you are either an owner or a joint owner.  Under the History Tab (located under “My Finance”) you can utilize the “All Categories” or the “All Time” filter options to drill down a bit further into transaction history. 

Currently, if you only want to see transactions for a specific share type, find that account in the Dashboard and click on the name.  Only transactions for that specific share type will be displayed. 


How can I view my full member (account) number?

From your checking account information, review the Account Info. Your member number will be listed under MICR number.


Where can I see my other membership accounts that I am primary or joint on?

On your main dashboard. If you don’t see a joint or primary account listed on your dashboard, be sure it’s not hidden. To see if an account is hidden, click the gear in the top right corner, where you should see a full account list. If an account is hidden, then the eye widget will have a slash through it. To unhide an account, simply click the eye.


How do I transfer money in online and mobile banking?

To transfer funds in online banking, look for the Transfer Money icon along the top of your dashboard. Follow the instructions to transfer between your Seasons FCU accounts.  Our new online and mobile banking platform has the following types of transfers:

  • Between Your Accounts: Move funds within your Seasons FCU accounts
  • Contacts: Send funds to another Seasons FCU member using an email or text message
  • Withdraw Money: you can use this feature to set up external accounts to make a loan payment to your Seasons FCU loans.


Where can I see my existing scheduled transfers?

Along the top row, click on “My Finance” (or the scroll icon if you are zoomed in tight).  Then, click on “Transfers”.  A list will appear that includes all of your internal transfers (happening within your Seasons Federal Credit Union accounts) and external transfers (happening from an outside financial institution to pay a loan with Seasons) you have set-up.  Click on the three dots on the right to make edits or delete a transfer.    


How do I transfer money to another Seasons FCU member in online or mobile banking?

Before you can transfer funds to another Seasons FCU member, you must first set up the person as your contact. With the new online banking platform, a contact is another Seasons FCU member. Select the My Finance icon at the top of the menu for online or from the bottom of the mobile app. Choose contacts and then click send invite. Enter the email or mobile phone to invite the individual to your contacts list. That person will then have to approve the invitation and enter their account number of where they want the money to go.


Once the contact approves their invitation, here is how to transfer money to them:

  1. Select transfer money from the online dashboard or the plus sign icon on mobile.
  2. Choose the account where you want to take the money from.
  3. Select the contact you wish to send the funds to and click continue.
  4. Choose the amount, the date to transfer the funds, and the frequency. Then click continue.
  5. Review your transactions and select continue again to complete the process.


Can I review and pay my credit card(s) within online banking?

Yes, you can pay your Seasons FCU Visa within online banking. Transaction history will not be available; however, you can click on Manage Card to check your balance and pay your bill. You can make your payment in numerous ways: use the Transfer Funds function to transfer funds from your Seasons FCU account, use an external account set up under My Finances, or you can click Manage Card and pay from that site. Note: when you click on Manage Cards, you will see your transactions in real-time, but that may not be reflected on the online/mobile banking site due to a short lag. 


How do I make a check deposit?

On the Android and iPhone apps, tap the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the screen and choose Remote Deposit. Use your device’s camera to take a photo of both sides of the check.


How do I endorse the check for mobile deposit?

Write “for remote deposit only” and sign your name on the back of the check.


What should I do if I think I have lost my Visa debit card?

Our online and mobile banking app both allow you to block your debit card. If you locate your card, you can log back in to unblock your card to start using it again. If you do not locate it, please contact the credit union to permanently restrict the card and order a new card number.


How do I update my password?

On the Android and iPhone apps, tap More > App Settings > Change Password.

On the desktop site, click More > Profile Settings > Change Password. 


How do I enroll into eStatements?

If you currently are not enrolled into eStatements, you can easily enroll within Online Banking.


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